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How to manage their own kitchen supplies store


How to operate their own kitchen products, many people now have their own kitchen products store or investment or to join, but how in the kitchen products market in the head corner of it, now we give two suggestions, so everyone on how to open a kitchen products shop to make money more methods.

How to make your kitchen goods shop to make money -- equal and eliminate trend

With the strength of the appliance brands and international brands pay more attention to the small appliance business and entered a substantive track, and small household appliances professionals especially high-level personnel transfer, small kitchen appliance business will enter the specialization, standardization and brand operation, to compete for more market share, relying on the capital advantage research and advantage will be gradually eliminated a number of strength is relatively weak, the lack of development and cost advantage and market advantages of small enterprise network management. Kitchen small household electrical appliances and the lack of a real strong brand of the rare status quo, is bound to make this speed. Specialization, standardization and brand operation will bring channels with (outside the box can borrow jade, just past 2003, there are more than and 130 domestic air conditioning enterprises have been eliminated. Since the beginning of 2004, there are more than and 100 air-conditioning brand has been difficult to see its trace in the market. The reason, there are a lot in the field of the channel is shut down, kitchen appliances in the next few years will gradually appear the trend of the equivalent elimination.

How to make your kitchen goods shop to make money -- the importance of brand positioning.

At present, small kitchen appliances mostly pay attention to product function and less attention to the brand, and will gradually rise from chaos to order, not only to promote small kitchen appliances and quality of life are closely related, but also to advocate a way of life, in order to attract consumer attention and sympathy, to recommend the new product category, the consumer does not resonate don't dig down. In order to meet the needs of different consumer groups and different tastes of life style communication, improve the image of brand positioning and purification of sub brands will be an important work, on the basis of "brand image", "product" and "product", "price" and "customer service service" will be the next one the pivotal stage of small kitchen appliances. With this advantage of the establishment of resources, combined with research and development advantages, cost advantages, market network management advantages, it is more likely to cause the business to your brand enthusiasm and thus more market share.

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